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Innovative, practical and effective design solutions

What we do

A comprehensive range of marketing & design services

What you would expect a design agency to do, we do well.
What you might not expect us to do, may come as a surprise.

At RMP we create, plan and execute marketing programmes. We design and produce sales brochures and presenters, promotional material and technical literature. We take responsibility for multi-page catalogue production from concept to distribution. We design and project-manage UK and international exhibition participation. 

However, RMP is more than a design and artwork resource. We provide marketing consultancy founded on a broad base of experience in local, regional, national and international markets. We combine a practical approach to providing innovative yet workable solutions to marketing objectives. And we have access to a wealth of specialist services.

We can be judged by the company we keep. Our high standards are reflected in the calibre of the clients with whom we work. Some are very large international corporations. Others are amongst the leaders in their market sectors. All are dynamic, progressive and successful companies. With many our relationship extends over many mutually successful years.

We are totally flexible in our working relationships. We accept single projects or act on a totally exclusive basis. What is consistent is our dedication to creativity, practicality, value and effectiveness. 

We provide the services you would expect from a design and marketing consultancy and what we do, we do well. What we provide in addition may well be the solution you are seeking to strengthen your marketing and promotional activities.

Graphic Design & Branding

RMP Design has the experience in achieving a clear understanding of a project brief and translating that into a practical, original and workable creative solution. 

We know the importance of understanding the aims and objectives of a project right from the start. And recognise that without this firm foundation of information no project will achieve its objectives.

It is our belief that by working closely with the client to agree budgets, lines of communication, checking and approval, we will be reach a successful result.

We combine copywriting with visuals to provide complete graphic design solutions. We are persuasive without being dogmatic.

We use our experience and expertise in graphic design and marketing but always remember that the client knows their product better than we do. And we also understand that every client is different with its own specific requirements.

We exploit creativity whilst being aware of the need to work within predefined budgets. This ensures our design solutions are practical yet innovative and we never let creativity take precedence over obtaining results.

Web Design & Digital Marketing

At RMP Design, we design, develop and maintain successful, usable, accessible, website and other digital solutions.

We ensure you communicate effectively with your on-line market. At the same time, we ensure your marketing message is consistent across all media – traditional and digital. 

We work together with you to identify your needs, your target audience and what you expect from your campaign.

From initial briefing, we prepare a comprehensive proposal tailored to your exact needs. We cost it and prepare and maintain a time action plan. We ensure security is maintained and that updating is easy and is standards compliant.

But digital marketing is more than just a web site. We also create and deliver email marketing campaigns, create multimedia and video productions and develop smart phone and tablet apps for all major platforms.  

As the importance of a strong social media presence continues to grow, RMP Design can advise and manage your online voice and measure its effectiveness in helping your business meet its marketing objectives.

Exhibition design & Management

With experience of managing and building stands at over 200 exhibitions in locations as diverse as San Francisco and Shanghai; Hamburg and Houston; and Las Vegas and London, RMP Design offers a fully flexible approach to exhibition design, build and project management.

Whatever the required level of involvement, wherever the event is to be held and whatever the size of stand – from a small shell stand to a major custom built structure – RMP Design has the skills, experience and flexibility to provide effective, innovative and economical solutions to exhibition participation.

Our experience ranges from the creation and production of visually stunning graphics to the design, total management and on-site supervision of bespoke stands at exhibition venues worldwide.

We can assist from the very start, help identify aims and objectives, prepare 3D visuals and take responsibility from pre-planning through construction to handover. We can also produce local language graphics, literature and support material. However small or large your exhibition needs, RMP Design will provide you with an unrivalled combination of experience, flexibility, creativity and marketing expertise and support.